Suicide Club (2001) Film Review. Directed by Sion Sono. Distributed byEarthrise (Japan) TLA releasing (Worldwide)

Suicide Club,the most depraved film I have seen,but netherless still a strangely watchable film,that you need to watch, kind of like a car crash,that you know you  shouldn't look at,but a part of you is still drawn to looking.
An opening that is the most shocking in motion picture history of 54 teenage girls,who hold hands and throw themselves in front of a moving train,with the train unable to stop,as all the blood,stops the brakes from working,with a mangled mess of body parts,and a ridiculous about of blood.

The Police believe it to be a teenage cult thing,a strange ideal about fitting in,but when more suicides in the city,and more teenage kids jump off a school roof,a murder investigation is opened.
With a blogger called "the cat" who has found a link between a website,and the number of people dying,with also a  suspected girl group called Dessert, who  maybe through there lyrics are spreading subliminal messages to the masses to kill themselves.

Like most Easten cinema,a lot of the story is unexplainable,with you having to figure out for yourself the plot line,with a subplot,with a (Seven) type weirdness,with rolls of skin,10 cm stitched together in a large roll,being left at a suicide scene in a white sports bag.
We have the usual craziness we expect from Japanese culture,the obsession with teenage girl groups,with even adults obsessed with these groups,to the whole mentality of suicide on mass,which has been known to have started in Japan.

A shocking film with more questions at the end of the film than you get answers,but still a film you cannot drag yourself away from,yes some scenes are truly unpalatable,but alongside a half decade of sick Japanese Horror,with Audition,Itchy The Killer, Battle Royale to name a few the late nineties to mid 2000's was certainly the sickest part of Japanese Horror,with this film certainly up there,as a great contender for sickest horror.
A warning the scenes are upsetting,but a film that strangely keeps you watching,with some great acting,it may look a little dated now,but a film that will stay with you long after the credits has rolled.