Bronson (2009) Film Review. Directed by Nicholas Winding Refn.Distributed by Vertigo Films,Magnet Releasing.

A film about a man who's notorious reputation has earned him the "Most Dangerous Man" In Great Britain. A man who has been in Prison since the late 1970'S, for originally a petty crime. A seven year sentence became a 14 year sentence,because of his violence. He had the reputation of being a loose Cannon, and he played on that also. Born Michael Gordon Peterson, who Then became so institutionalised by the Prison System,and his notorious Violence inside,to fellow inmates, and Prison Wardens.

He is still in Prison now, even though he has served his time, twice over,but because he is still classed as such a "Dangerous Man" and would be a danger to the general public,he will never probably never  get parole. This biopic of The Man Nicknamed Bronson,after the Great Charles Bronson, The Death Wish actor, is a fantastic piece of Art from Director Nicolas Winding Refn, the brilliant director of The Pusher Films, and recently Drive,and Only God a Forgives with Ryan Gosling.

This film is like art,which is ironic as Bronson became known for his paintings,and doodles later in life. It shows a young Michael, a very Smart,very polite individual, who came from a loving Middle class background. Then cut to scenes of him in Prison, dowsing himself in cooking oil, naked,and saying to the Prison Officers " come on then" beating the living shit out of them,as they cannot grasp hold of him because of the oil.

The whole film is played with such Confidence by Tom Hardy, who is huge in this, and pumped up to the Max. Yes he is a violent man, and not once does this film try to explain his actions. I had a friend who hated this film as it is "condoning violence" he said. I saw a different film completely, yes the Man Bronson is a violent individual, but also a man, who a lot of the time was encouraged into violence, by Prison Officers,and inmates, does this excuse his actions? No it doesn't, when he wasn't fighting and being violent,he came across as a real likeable character,underneath it all a vulnerability deep down.

Even in his own Biography,of his life in his own words "I'm a nice guy,but sometimes I lose all my senses and become nasty,that doesn't make me evil just confused "
A film that is violent,that showed a man who was a violent individual, but also quite a nice guy,who sometimes was never left alone, and his actions premeditated by the actions of others.A film to see Tom Hardy Truly at his best,an astonishing performance,that really has to be seen.