All Cheerleaders Die (2013) Film Review. Directed by Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson. Distributed by Image Entertainment

What do you get if you cross Mean Girls with Heathers,mix in a little Jennifer's Body,and a little witchcraft like the 1996 film The Craft,we get All Cheerleaders Die.

A film I first  tried watching a few months ago,but giving up thinking it was another found footage type movie. I'm glad I went back to it as it is actually quite good.

Maddie is making a documentary movie about the popular kids in school,being an outsider,she is determined to show the cheerleaders in a bad light,she gets to trial out,and gets accepted in,to hopefully bring down popular girl Tracey Bingham. The thing is these girls aren't the bitches they seem to be,and are genuinely nice girls.

The Jocks are the true Assholes,in this,and with an accident,and all the Cheerleaders Die,caused by the said Jocks,they are resurrected by another outsider student.who happens to know witchcraft.

What we have next is a revenge movie with the Girls getting their own back,eating and killing all the Jocks who left them to die. The film is very sexy,with numerous girl on girl kissing scenes to keep all the men happy,with some decent amount of Gore too. No nudity though and a lot of F bombs.

Yes we have seen similar films before,but it is good to show empowering women for a change.and not just seeing them as sex symbols. Young women who are actually insecure,and all have genuine problems,and What pricks some young men can be.
A decent revenge type film with a supernatural element thrown in,not particularly funny,but I don't think it was made to be a comedy movie,but does have a smart opening scene,that you shouldn't smile but you do.
Overall  not a bad film,not as good as The Craft or Jennifer's Body,but still a decent addition to the teen horror genre.