Monsters (2010) Film Review. Directed by Gareth Edwards. Distributed by Vertigo Films.

A fantastic debut from British Gareth Edwards,a film made with some of the best guerilla filmmaking. With sometimes,including actors, on location as few as 6 people,as part of the production crew.
with filming without permission,and without filming permits.

A story of an extraterrestrial tale of a satellite landing back on earth,with some alien life on it. These monsters them grow to humongous proportions. With Mexico being the choice of habitation. With it being contaminated,and  quarantined. And being a no live zone for humans.

The thing is these aliens are huge,but actually quite docile,and only become aggressive,and protective of their young,which is just about like any species. With previous Army attacks,not seen,but you do see the devastation. With the Government almost admitting defeat on these creatures,and quarantined,and contained in Mexico.

A lot of people were disappointed by this movie expecting a Starship Troopers,and Alien type movie,which this film is far from that, and more of a human story,learning how to live  With these beings. With most of the film being improvised,especially the script,with extras being the locals,who were persuaded to act.

Yes this film is no action packed Sci Fi,but does have some decent Monster effects,a film that needs to be applauded for how it was filmed. On such a low budget. The only sad thing was.that Gareth Edwards went on to directed the dismal Godzilla remake.
This is still a film that needs to be seen,just for the genius of the improvised script,the guerilla filming style. Still a Director to look out for,even if Godzilla was crap.