Paranormal Activity Franchise Film Reviews

A look back and review of this franchise,especially the first four,which are still without doubt the best. I was not keen on The Marked Ones,and have not yet seen the recent one.

Paranormal Activity, Directed by Oren Peli,and produced by Jason Blum. This is still the original and best of the franchise. The story of a young couple,Katie and Micah who believe their house may be Haunted. So with the help of web cams,and video cameras we capture what is going on in this house.

The thing with spirits or even Demons which in this case is, you feed it energy,and respond to it it gets stronger,and the Hauntings,get more terrifying,all being caught on camera. This is still the best one,terrifying,extremely jumpy,and a great ending.

Paranormal Activity 2 Directed by Tod Williams. The very clever sequel that actually happens alongside the first movie With Katie's sister and Brother in law Kristie and  Daniel,experiencing the same Paranormal events,which ties in, they were haunted together as sisters when younger by the same Demon. The fact it stars Katie from the first movie in scenes  with her sister is a very clever idea. This film is genuinely scary like the first film,even more so with this one, with having young children involved. A truly scary film,equally as good as the first.

Paranormal Activity 3 Directed by Henry Joost. The third in the franchise,and should have been the last,and we would of had an excellent Trilogy,featuring the Two sisters again,that ties in both previous films,when they discover VHS footage,as young sisters. That their Dad had set up, to once again film the extraordinary events in their childhood home. With us the viewer seeing every thing on camera once more. With this one not quite as scary as the previous 2,as I think as a viewer you become desensitized to the jumps,and scares,the use of young children in this still makes the film scary,but not as terrifying as the two previous films. Although it is still a good film.

Paranormal Activity 4 Directed By Henry Joost. With this being the final film to end this franchise,before it was rebooted for The Marked Ones. This film being the weakest of the film franchise,with the boy who went missing in number 2,when abducted by Katie, his possessed Auntie. The boy is left with this cult to grow up. And he somehow is put into care of his neighbours. Once again the demon follows the child into this new house,and we have a new family being terrorized by supernatural events. As I said this was the weakest of the film franchise, and I only wished they would have stuck to a trilogy,as the previous films, were genuinely scary,and had some great standout moments. This film just looked like a tired sequel.

Overall though we had some great films to scare us silly,and reinvent  the found footage movies,which are all the norm these days,with number 1 still being outstanding, number 2 was equally as frightening as the previous one,with it not being a sequel as such,but a film that runs parallel to the first movie. Number 3  was okay,still had some decent scares,and jumps. Number 4 was just one movie too far unfortunately.
3/5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️