Lawnmower Man (1992) Film Review. Directed by Brett Leonard. Distributed by New Line Cinema

As I have been writing about the best Computer digital created movies, this one needs to be mentioned, yes you look at it now and it is incredibly dated,but when it first came out in 1992, I don't think anybody would have thought, that a whole movie could be created using computer graphics,and imagery.

The film is not the best to be honest,with dire acting,from everyone involved,Pirece Brosnan,Jeff Fahey,to name a few,but that can almost be forgiven,as this movie dared to push boundaries in computer artistry. And without Tron first in the Eighties,and this movie early nineties,we wouldn't have the massive CGI films we have now.

The whole idea of using Virtual Reality,which was in its infant stages,to increase someone's brain power is a really good idea,and using a simple Gardener "Jobe"as the experiment was genius,when his brain capacity,becomes more than the Human brain, and he realises he can push digital boundaries,and live in the virtual computer world, we have a man who is almost a God,imagine the power he would have now,as this film was even made before the actual Internet was invented.

With remakes and reboots happening all the time,imagine this film made with today's technology,and how great it could be. Obviously with better actors involved this time,better visual effects,and the whole wide web to currupt,we could have a great film. Ok you may say they have done it before in Transendence, Pulse etc, but remember this film actually came first,and without this those other films would not have been made anyway. A dated film to look at now,but netherless still a groundbreaking film in special effects,that should never be forgotten about.