Hobo With A Shotgun(2011) Film Review. Directed Jason Eisener. Distributed Alliance Films,and Magnet Releasing.

One of my other guilty pleasures, Hobo With A Shotgun, with surprising one of the best performances from Rutger Hauer,apart from The Hitcher and of cause Blade Runnner.
A story of a a homeless man who comes into town,in the hope of making enough money to buy a lawnmower,so he can mow some lawns for cash. With the town being controlled by this vicious gang,even the cops look in a different direction to the chaos,violence and mayhem.

It is just this Hobo,sorry I'll call him a homeless man,as the other word I don't like,decides he will be the only one to stand up to the injustices in this small town,instead of buying a lawnmower,he buys a shotgun,and as the poster says,cleaning the streets one shot at a time.

This is graphically violent,too much some might say,to some extents it works to others it doesn't. With the scene of school children being set on fire by a two scumbags with a flame thrower is unnecessary, but the then again,to use the ghosts of the children to revenge the killings later on,and drag these men to Hell,maybe just about works.

The film is OTT yes without doubt,but it works,with others trying,and yes !!! Failing spectacularly,such as the Disappointing Machete, and Machete Kills, Father's Day by Troma,trys the same path,but just doesn't work.
With my review of WolfCop the other day,proves with a creative director,and someone who isn't afraid to push boundaries in filmmaking,you can have a terribly violent film,that you can enjoy,feeling maybe a little guilty for doing so,but still enjoy knowing the OTT violence is their to be enjoyed,and not to be sickened,or appalled by. 

A great film,yes a guilty pleasure of a film but still watchable,with Rutger barely saying any lines,but the best line in the film when a girls throat has been slashed,he takes her to a hospital with a shotgun,threatening the Doctor to "just fix her" is easily the best scene in this film.