Fear The Walking Dead Pilot review.

I had to write about this after finally seeing the Pilot episode last night. After very harsh criticism of this series so far I had to comment. Yes it is slow moving,but if it went at the same pace as a The Walking Dead,people still would be moaning it is just a clone of that series.

With the Viral outbreak not quite at epedemic yet,with just isolated cases of violence,and people attacking other people,with barely a mention on any news broadcasts. Even the good old social media,has picked very little up. It is just one family who actually thinks something is wrong, both teachers,at a High School,with fewer pupils coming in,due to some Flu outbreak. When their son,who is a drug user,wakes at a drugs den,to find a woman eating another person. We know something is not quite right.

With a slow build up,yes I do agree,but you actually get a sense of tension,and foreboding that something horrible is about to happen. I even watched most of episode 2, with the viral outbreak well into its pandemic. A show I had little hope for,after the downfall of The Walking Dead since season 3. Being just a drama,that happens to have a little Zombie subplot. I have slightly more hope for this parallel series. It is well acted,and actually has characters you don't mind,and maybe actually route for.
With only the first 4 episodes available in the UK on catch-up TV, I might have to buy the series next week,to find out how this show will pan out.