2015 Year review.

2015 has been a great year for films,more so the independent filmmakers has conquered this year. With some of the most disappointing films made by the bigger studios,such as Ouija and Annabell being so disappointing,but to counteract with fabulous films such as It Follows, and The Babadook. 
With so many releases now debuting on the home video market, namely video on demand,we have had some fantastic films,with Creep,and Circle, both debuting on Netflix this year and both being outstanding.

With some of the better films made this year from the Southern Hemispheres,from the Zombie action film Wyrmwood,to Wolf Creek 2,To The Babadook,To Predestination, to Housebound even Son of A Gun was okay.

This was the year I started blogging also,and for once commenting on the films I watch, I started just giving a quick summary of the films, to eventually reviewing them with star ratings.
I'll have to admit the lack of interest from any of the independent film companies has been disappointing,with this whole blog,and reviews,and DVDs being purchased myself. Hopefully as my audience grows so will my social profile,and then I can have some serious input,from some of the leading companies.

I have had a great year on Twitter too,being able to interact with fellow Bloggers, with http://bleedingcritic.com/  
To interacting with some of the actors,and producers,and directors of these fabulous films too.
Hope you have enjoyed my posts,and being Christmas I will be having a few days rest,but I will still be watching films in the meantime. Hope you all had a great 2015, and let's hope that 2016 will have as many great films as this year.

Here is to 2015.