will you sell your soul for the price of fame. Starry Eyes-Film Review

Would you put yourself through Hell to be famous,that is the question this sick little film asks. When Sarah a struggling actress in California,is turned down once again for a role in an up and coming Horror movie by Astraeus pictures. She immediately punishes herself in the Bathroom,as Sarah has a self harming habit,and she pulls chunks of her hair as punishment.

The casting director is aware of this outburst,and invites Sarah back in,to do the same,but in front of them,she obliges,with no shock or Horror from the casting directors. Sarah returns to her crappy job as a TataTot girl,kinda like a Hooties restaurant,but cheaper,who is perved on by her boss Carl,who doesnt think she puts enough effort in to be a dedicated TataTot Girl. 

She lives with other struggling actor's,who most are not nice,and have a habit of putting Sarah down,especially her so called friend Erin,who in all purposes,is a spiteful bully,but somehow manages to get away with it,as she is so pretty,and pretentious herself. So when a second,and then third call back this time to meet the producer, Sarah quits her crappy  job as this acting role,is now almost certain,apart from the fact the producer is making advances,and Sarah is expected to sleep with him,to get the role. 

Which as first she refuses. The horrible thing is Sarah now has to beg for her crappy job back to the pervert boss Carl,or sleep with the producer,both are awful prospects,the one she will be stuck in a dead end job all her life,the other could make her famous for life. So she eventually degrades herself and goes back to the producer and performs a sex act on him.
This is where the film gets even more disturbing,than it already is.with Sarah becoming so ill,losing her looks,her hair,her teeth,with the decision from herself to fully commit herself to Astraeus pictures,and be reborn a Starlett or die becoming a nobody. 

It honestly asks that question how for will you go to become famous,are you prepared to go through Hell and back. Are you ready to literally sell your soul to the Devil,for that one chance of fame. This film is truly disturbing,no jump scares,a few sick scenes with murder,but a film that is certainly not an easy watch,to the casting directors,who practically want Sarah,in complete pain,and then to prostitute herself. To the whole idea,of how far do you go for a chance to make it. The film is a brilliant,yet a horrible watching experience,honestly it made me feel so not right. 

I have seen a lot of sick horror over the years,but to have a film,that will sicken you,and cringe to your stomach,without the need for excessive violence,and blood,this is that film,and it works because of the absolutely outstanding performance from Alex Essoe as Sarah. It really is a shocking horrible film to watch,but also a brave film about,that one profession acting,and in reality the possible things actors might have to do to get noticed.