When The Lights Went Out (2012) Film Review. Directed by Pat Holden. Distributed by Revolver Entertainment

A fantastic little British chiller,with the Enfield Haunting already made in the UK made for Sky One,and The Conjuring 2 being made by James Wan,about  the same haunting. We have this true story set in Rural Yorkshire in the early seventies, with it being the most violent,poltergeist Haunting ever recorded on record.The Maynard family move into 30 East Drive Chequerfield Pontefract West Yorkshire,and known locally as The Black Monk Of Pontefract Haunting, a pedophile who prayed on Children,who the church silenced,and had him hung secretly. The problem is his very angry spirit remains in this house.

The Maynard's realise almost instantly that something is wrong with the house,with most of the Haunting taking place in the bedroom of the teenage daughter Sally, wonderfully acted  by Tasha Connor.
The thing that struck me immediately was the attention to detail to the time period is absolutely spot on,with me being a seventies child myself. To the wallpaper,to the curtains that do not match,the furniture I can remember sitting on,to the flared jeans,and clothes.

Young Sally is really taking the brunt of this haunting,but when she realises a girl of her age is involved also in the Haunting,it becomes less sinister,as the ghost was trying to scare her away from the house. They become able to accept each other in the house.
but with another spirit becoming more violent to the Household,with people being assaulted,and the Daughter being dragged up the stairs by her throat,they enlist the Help of a local Priest to perform an Exorcism.

This film is very creepy, not too reliant on jump scares,the fact that things actually happen in the darkness,and during that time in British history,many public workers were on strike,and power cuts were very regular. It means this family are being tormented more. A very good creepy film,made more real by the very good set design,and look of the time period. Staring some of TV's most notable Northern Actors, I'm surprised Sean Bean did not star in this,but if you live in the UK you will recognize them. As to Tasha Connor  who plays the feisty teenager,a star in the making without doubt. A film very good,very scary,very well acted and without doubt the best film made about the seventies I have ever seen.