The Hand That Rocks The Cradle (1992) Film Review. Directed by Curtis Hanson. Distributed by Touchstone Pictures.

An oldie but goody,one of the best thrillers made in the nineties,a decade that became the norm for psychological thrillers,with Horror playing second fiddle,we had years of these type of films,alongside many action films. With only a return to form for the genre in Wes Craven kickstarting the public need once more for Horror,in the form of the Scream Franchise, in 1997.

Without doubt Recbecca De Mornay finest performance,as the phycholocical scarred woman,who loses her own unborn child,due to the stress,her Husband and a successful Gynecologist,who kills himself,through sexual molestation of female patients,she loses her Home,her Husband,her lifestyle,her baby,and worse of all,the ability to have another child,due to complications,when losing her child.

She blames all this on Claire Bartel,who is fantastically acted by Annabella Sciorra ,who made the complaint against her husband,and wants revenge on her and her family,by worming her way in,as a Nanny,to look after Clair's newborn,and older sister. With a sick game to push Clair out of the way,and have her life,with this new family. And she will play every sick game to complete her plan,by even breastfeeding Clair's baby with her own breast milk,as she carried on producing it after the loss of her child. And will kill,anyone who gets In her way of achieving her perfect family.

Directed by Curtis Hanson, this was easily the best of the thrillers that followed,afterwards,and also being a very clever Home Invasion type movie,with an almost unrecognisable Juilanne Moore,in I think one of her first performances,also starring Ernie Hudson,as Soloman,the Special needs gardener,who is the first to have  doubts about the new Nanny Peyton. 
This is a very intelligent thriller,and easily the best of a long bunch that followed in the nineties,with Rebecca De Mornay on top form as the Unhinged,and almost psycopathic Woman,intent on getting what she wants in life, a family,at what ever cost necessary.