Kill For Me (2013) Film Review. Directed by Michael Greenspan.Distributed by Sony Pictures

I was really expecting a single white female,type of film,with this one. With two college roommate's, both with abusive pasts,one by a violent ex,the other an abusive father.

With a side plot of a missing Girl throughout the film,which does make an integral part of the tale later. Starring Katie Cassidy as Amanda,and Tracy Spiridakos as the heavily abused Hailey.

This has been compared to a modern day Strangers On A Train, with Amanda's ex boyfriend,being killed by Hailey, with Hailey wanting Amanda to kill her abusive father in return,or she will tell Police about the Murder,and implicate her.

This is where I honestly thought it was  going to go into single white female territory,with Haylie's infatuation with Amanda,but the film surprised me and went in a different direction,which I did not second guess. With an honest ending,with no real twists,we have an okay thriller.I have seen better,but have also seen  a lot worse films.

Plus points Katie Cassidy as a brunette did it completely for me,as she is normally blonde,still a little too old to be portraying a college student though,but she is stunning,so I can forgive the producers. The story didn't go into normal psycho territory,with Hailey not a psychopath.
We didn't really need the lesbian scenes in it,as it adds nothing more to the story,just put  it in to give a few teenage boys boners, I suppose. With gaping plot holes later on,that will have you thinking,"how the hell did they miss that".
But it is not a bad film,with really good performances all round. The fact we had a thriller that I didn't second guess,makes it quite original,and wrong to be compared to Strangers On A Train.