Dead Set-Film Review

If only it could happen in real life

After seeing an interview today with Jamie Winstone,it reminded of this great TV series we had in the UK, over 5 consecutive nights. It was eventually edited into a film. A story of the world going to Hell, a Zombie outbreak has broken out all over England. The series is told in two narratives one of the survivors outside,and the other part takes place whilst filming the reality TV Show Big Brother.

As most of the U.K. And probably the World knows,Big Brother is filmed in a purpose made studio,surrounded by large fences,to keep the whole world at bay, so the contestants have no idea what is even going on in the outside world,neither do the production crew,who practically sleep at the studio also.when the word of some viral outbreak happening in the U.K. Gets around,it still doesn't keep the producers from carrying on with Friday night eviction night.

With just one person infected gets into the crowd the outbreak starts immediately. What I liked about this, like World War Z,and 28 Days Later, the virus passes quickly,with one bite,your back on your feet again to infect. This passes through the whole crowd,and soon the security and fences are overrun,with the infected getting into the studio.

The contestants,and Housemates soon realise they are not safe either. With the Host Davina Maccall having her throat ripped out,and bleeding to death,and dying a nasty death,to then see one of the U.K. Biggest TV stars at the time,Zombiefied is quite terrifying.

Why I mentioned this,is because I said about strong female leads on my blog earlier,and this stars Jamie Winstone, the Daughter of the one and only Ray Winstone,a national treasure in the UK, who plays a producer on this programme,who very quickly realises,that although the Zombies has breached the perimeter fences,the house is still the safest place to be. With horrible housemates,who just don't get what is going on,to the main producer of the show,who is a complete asshole,who pushes a man in a wheelchair into a crowd of Zombies to save his skin,is quite horrible to watch.

This is as violent as it gets,no 15 certificate here,like the Walking Dead the violence does not hold back,with gruesome scenes,of people being eaten,to bodies ripped apart,blood eventually is everywhere,when the Zombie masses realises people are in the studio,it is blood and carnage everywhere. As I said it was very popular in the UK,and still available now on channel 4 catchup-to streaming  services,so if you haven't seen it give it a watch. And if you live outside the UK also,get yourself a copy on the Two disk DVD,as it really is a well produced,violent TV show,with high production values,with an outstanding performance from Jamie Winstone as Kelly,her performance is as good in this as the film Monkey Punch,she starred in a year later.