DayBreakers (2009) Directed by Michael,and Peter Spierig Distributed by Lionsgate Screen Australia

A completely different take on any Vampire movie I have seen,where they treat vampirism as a viral infection,that infects the whole population,with the survivors kept in Matrix like prisons,to be on demand blood banks. The problem is the human population,are literally dying out. 
Blood stocks are running dry,with corporations now controlling the world, a synthetic blood substitute has to found quickly as the vampire population is getting very hungry.

With Ethan Hawks character hating being a Vampire,and has kept most of his humanity,and is sympathetic to the human cause. Instead of creating a synthetic blood substitute,he is creating a possible cure to the vampire virus. With one man who claims to have cured himself,played my Williem Defoe. 

This film is more a sci fi film,and less Horror with a clever idea as treating the Vampire outbreak as a viral infection,and using the best scientific brains to try to cure this virus. With the cure being discovered by exposure to untraviolet light,which would normally kill a vampire,but in small doses high amounts,and water you  can become Human again. A brilliant Debut film from Australian brothers Michael,and Peter Spierig,who would surprise us all again six years later in the fantastic Predestination,which I will be reviewing later.