Circle-Film Review

What can I say about the film Circle,well not a great deal,as plot wise it is just 50 people wake to find themselves stood in this weird circle of light. Every two minutes a sound goes off,and someone dies that is that. The horrible thing about this film,or even the situation,the people have to decide amongst themselves who lives,and who dies. We almost have a film told in real time,with the people in the circle,realizing,that they get to vote who dies by their hand movements.

 We have a film about the judgement,and prejudice of others. With one young man deciding anyone over 80 should die first,as they are only one step away anyway. Them a black man stands up to that logic,and says "why don't we just kill all the black folk here" and it becomes a battle of prejudices,with gender,profession,whether you are single,or married,do you have Children,your sexual orientation,are you religions. We have ninety minutes of people,pleading,and trying to convince why they should live,and why the other should die. 

A true test of the Human psyche and how we really think about others. Are the people in some Alien Environment,or is it some strange governmental social experiment. Either way it is a sickening film without any  real excessive violence,just a beam of light comes from the centre of the circle,and you die on the spot. It is the horrible nature of the film,that values life,and who has the right to live, to the young child,to the young pregnant woman, to the pensioner who has lived a long life. 

We have the usual stereotypes in this as a rich guy who earns more than anyone else,should live,because he contributes more in taxes,than a child would. To the Army veteran who has served his country to keep it safe. It really is a simple film that just works,so well,it has tension like I have never seen before,and with an ending that equally impressed me,and disappointed me at the same time. I'm giving no other plot lines away and you have to see for yourselves, but a really great,scary,depressing film about human nature,and human prejudices. A fabulous film from Aaron Hann and Mario Miscione.