Why catch a minnow,when you can use that minnow to catch a Barracuda.

If there was any film that is so perfect it has to be this, a film that is also surrounded by complete sadness,as you are watching this your realising the most talented actor of the last two decades is no longer with us. That is the absolutely outstanding Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Starring in probably the most intelligent spy thriller I have ever seen. A man that is unmissable,and has a screen presence,that is impossible not to keep your eyes off,even the simple things like smoking a cigarette,or sipping a Coffee,he has such an onscreen presence.
A spy film about the spooks,who actually keep us all safe,in our beds,who work tirelessly,and we know nothing about. A whole community,working,with other agencies,to break up,and stop possible Terrorist cells. This film is set in Hamburg Germany,and follows a small anti-terrorist unit headed by the seasoned Gunther,who has recent information about a known Chechen terrorist,slipping into Germany. His bosses, and the CIA want to intervene immediately. Yes they can catch him straight away,but Gunther and his team would rather put him under surveillance,be patient,watch his movement,and hopefully will lead them to the head financier of terrorist funding. As said earlier why catch the small guy,when you can catch the whole organisation. When Guntha suspects a respected Businessman,and extremely charitable person,who he thinks is laundering money,through fake charities,and is actually leading to massive funding of Terrorism,his bosses are not convinced. Gunther's slow and steady approach actually works,without the need for violence or killing,just good old fashioned Spy techniques. By using the right people,to push the right buttons,to get the outcome his team wants. As I said before it is without doubt the best ever movie about spy's,the job they do,how they get information,from known plants in organisations,religious buildings. To pressurising law abiding Human Right lawyers,and do gooders,to in the end get the job done,to save lives.
This really is a slow burner of a film,but is never once boring in its 2 hour running time. An absolutely perfect film,with outstanding acting from everyone involved, from Rachel McAdams, to Robin Wright,with other fantastic German Actors, Daniel Bruhl,Nina Hoss,an outstanding,but very personal and quiet role Grigoriy Dobrygin as Issa the Chechen,who may or may not actually be the terrorist they suspect. Without doubt the actor,or the glue that holds this wonderful film together is Phillip Seymour Hoffman. An absolute must watch,yes it is no Bourne, or Jack Ryan,or Ethan Hunt,style of thriller,but my goodness it is a bloody honest one.