The Running Man,a great story about the controlling media,and the lies they tell.

A film set in a dystopian future,where media rules,they control what we watch what we see. Where to the pleasure of the watching baying public,criminals are put to death,on various game shows. Climbing for Dollars,where they slip and eaten by a pack of hungry dogs. And the most popular game show The Running Man,that is kinda like a future version of Gladiators,and if you survive,you are free to go,but you are most likely to be killed by the various vicious hunters wielding chainsaws,electricity and any item to kill or maim. I'm including this film in my Apocalyptic weekend,as I watched a film yesterday that so reminded of this film,and that was Turbo Kid,with the over the top violence,and both looking like very bad 80's movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger was on a roll from mid 80's,with hit after hit, from The Terminator, to Commando,Predator,Raw Deal. Then this film came along written by quite a famous author,under his Alias name that is Richard Bachman, or otherwise know as Mr Steven King. Yes the film is a pile of cheese,and was even at the time in the late eighties,but still an enjoyable film,and I really could not have seen any other actor starring in this role. A film about a Police officer refusing to shoot on protesters,and the Media twisting the footage to show he did just that,and was hung out to dry,and sent to Prison for Warcrimes. And he somehow ends up on this Gameshow,with a determination to survive to tell the truth,about this media organisation that is controlling,every action in the world,we so called take for granted is the truth.we see through the eyes of this said  controlling media,which most of the time is a complete lie. Which surprising is as relevant now as it was during the 80's when this story was written.