The Original and only Poltergeist

The original and only one. I enjoyed the sequels also. We all know the story of the Freelings who live in this house,that the developers cut corners,and instead of removing the remains,and bodies from the graves they just moved the gravestones. With the souls not happy,creating the paranormal going's on in this film. I will not watch the recent effort, I have seen The Nightmare On Elm Street, Friday The 13TH, The Gate, Robocop and Total Recall,with an open mind. But I do not like remakes of my favorite films, it sickens me,especially as I hold this film to my heart. This was a film the first time I saw scared me,but repeated viewings I got it. It has terrifying moments,but also moments of great humour,directed by the fabulous Tobe Hooper,and produced by Steven Spielberg,and Frank Marshall,with the project supposed to have been Steven Spielberg's but Directing E.T the same year he was not allowed contractually to make another movie,whilst tied to that movie,so he gave it to Tobe Hooper instead. The reason I will not watch the reboot,or remake whatever you call it is because,of a little actress called Heather O'Rourke who starred in all three movies,but who unfortunately died,at the age of 12,so tragic,but she is the only Carol Anne Freeling,the same is for Craig T Nelson,and Jobeth Williams who play her parents in the film. I will not watch a dumbed down version, of this film,with the crap use of jump scares,and CGI, I love my 80's films with a passion, I cringed when I heard of a remake,the same time I heard of a remake of Point Break,leave them alone please,if you want horror films leave it to the independent film makers. Because eventually every film we all once loved will be remade and ruined.