Tim Burtons's The Nightmare Before Christmas (1992) Film Review. Directed by Henry Sellleck. Distributed by Walt Disney.

The absolute hybred film to enjoy either at Halloween or even Christmas, the absolutely sublime The Nightmare Before Christmas. With the king of Halloween town Jack Skellington,who is bored of the same thing every year and longs for something new. With walks into the forest to see trees marked with other traditions, such as Thanksgiving, Easter,Valentine's, and Christmas. He only wishes he could try something new. With pressures from the towns mayor,and townsfolk to better next Halloween. Is where he finally takes the plunge and goes to Christmas land where everying is jolly,happy,festive,its snowing constantly with busy Elves working ,and twinkling fairy lights everywhere. Jack loves it and sets out a plan to kidnap Father Christmas,and take over the festive traditions. Yes this film is a classic,produced by Tim Burton,and Directed by Henry Selleck. And a wonderful performance by Danny Elfman,as Jack Skellington,who sings and acts wonderfully.as well as writing the songs and soundtrack. It was at the time one of a kind,to use old fashioned Stop Motion Animation,a sly wink to Ray Harryhausen for his fantastic work over the years. Although this film. Is a family film it still has its moments of very gothic,and scary imagery,with a very scary Mr Boogie the Bogeyman. An absolute classic without doubt,with great songs,great visuals,a wonderful love story between Jack and Sally,and the most famous Greyhound in Nero his trusty Dog.