The greatest concert film I have seen.

My favourite concert film ever,filmed when they couldn't have been more popular,especially in the States. Filmed at Madison Square Gardens in New York. And trust me I have seen that place and it is Huge. A concert that is wisely known as their best live performance,although others will disagree. They were in the prime of their lives. A band so famous even Cameron Crowe's Biopic Almost Famous,is hinted that it was Led Zeppelin he was following,whilst reporting for Rolling Stone Magazine,not the fictional band that is actually in the film. Led Zeppelin's music is timeless and all the classics are on here from Whole Lotta Love, Stairway To Heaven,Moby Dick, Rock And Roll, No Quarter, The Song Remains The Same, Black Dog,and Bron-Yr-Aur. A must buy DVD for any fan, but also a great film to show to new comers, just how good a band they are. The most Interesting thing is that Robert Plant at the height of his fame in the late sixties early to mid seventies,lived next door to my Granparents, in a little village called Wolverly near Kidderminster Worcestershire in the UK. And he has always been a local lad never forgetting his Black Country Roots. Even after 30+ years of fame he walked into a bar my Grandad was in,and remembered his Name and brought him a pint,that is the great man that Robert Plant is,and another interesting fact is my Mother in Law worked with John Bonham's  Mother in Mothercare in the seventies. And this I am not making up it is the Truth. Yes Robert and John were very local lads to where I was born, Jimmy Page was not,and unfortunately never had the pleasure of meeting him, or even John Paul Jones or even John, as he died so early. Led Zeppelin,were a massive band,a super band, but who has always been down to earth lads. And it is hard to believe watching this show, Led Zeppelin in there Prime,yet Robert probably only still,lives a few miles,from where I live now. And is regularly seen out and about,doing normal things,that normal folk doing shopping,getting petrol,having a pint in a local pub,and the occasional acoustic gig.