The Doors

Without doubt the best musical biopic ever made,and when I watched this first in 1991 I had never heard of the Doors,or even the genius that was the frontman of the group Jim Morrison. Who was played in the film by Val Kilmer in a role that I think he could never repeat as he was so good in it. And spookily so much like Jim Morrison, his mannerisms,his voice,which Kilmer actually sang in the film,for more realism and my god he is fantastic and a spitting image of Jim Morrison. From the early beginnings in Long Beach California with Jim wanting to make it as a poet,his first meetings with Ray Manzarek the Keyboard player and driving force behind the group The Doors. With gigs at the Whisky a Go Go they form a rapid fanbase especially due to the Morrison's onstage antics,and improvised lyrics. They soon become successful recording artist's. But with Morrison's battles with alcohol and drug use,that annoy the band,as recording sessions are missed,no shows for concerts, Morrison becomes obsessed with death,and is convinced it is following him. With his long suffering girlfriend by his side played wonderfully by the usual kooky Meg Ryan against type from her normal Rom-Coms. The drug induced scenes are wonderfully filmed,by Oliver Stone and apart from Platoon this is easily another one of his classics.When Morrison gets involved with Patricia Kennealy, a rock journalist involved in Witchcraft,taking part in ceremony's,and more drug taking,makes his behaviour even more erratic,to when he is arrested for exposing himself on stage. Shame in the end the film never got the backing from the surviving band members,as they said Morrison was not depicted accurate in this film. Of cause the band members know the real Morrison,but Oliver Stone has used his own created licence,to create one of the most interesting films about one of the most interesting men in Rock. Who was so far ahead of his time,and who so sadly died at the strange age that most famous stars die at, and that is the creepy age of 27.A must see film for the great music,the fantastic scenes of free love and drugs in the sixties,and of cause the best performance ever on celluloid and that is Val Kilmer's portrayal of Jim Morrison.
If there is any scene to remember it has to be their Debut TV appearance where the Producers has problems with the lyric Higher in Light My Fire and could they change it. So the band Members agree,except Morrison,when live on TV when it comes to that line in the song,he not only sings it,but so over emphasising the lyric that the producers cut straight to adverts in disgust.A classic film that has to be seen.