The best Halloween film in almost 20 years,a direct sequel from number 2 Halloween H20-Film Review

The best of a bad bunch,yes we had 10 years with three mediocre films to contend with,until this was made in 1998.and the genius they got Jamie Lee Curtis back. This was called 20 years later,and as the advert on TV says it does exactly what it says on the tin. 

We have Laurie Strode, a mother now to a teenage son,who faked her death years earlier,and is living under a different name,still haunted 20 years later of her psychopathic brother Intent on killing her. Even though he is looked up in a secure unit,and comatose for two decades. Surely he cannot come back? Do I need to answer that question with a determined Michael back,and finding out his dead sister is still very much alive,he sets out on a murderous killing spree to get to her,and her son,his nephew. 

With a young talented cast from half of Dawson's Creek I think,with Michelle Williams,Josh Hartnett,a very young Joseph Gordon Levitt,Jodi Lyn O'Kieth and the final genius of all to have Jamie Lee's real life Mother and scream queen in her own right Janet Leigh from Psycho fame in this,well was nothing more than genius casting. I have to admit most the acting credit goes to the kids,as a fantastic performance from Josh Hartnett,as Jamie Lee, although she is back, the film is all about the Kids,and the new breed of young actors. 

Yes the film isn't perfect,but it is a dam sight better than the previous two. A film I have seen many times,and yes I still do enjoy it,a return to form,that sadly after this went very much downhill again,with a sequel,and two crap reboots from the absolutely dreadful Rob Zombie,with his awful wife Sherrie Moon Zombie,who he insists on starring in every film he makes. I enjoyed this I absolutely loved 1&2 classics in every sense of the word,even 3&4 were decent,5&6 were crap, I will not watch number 8 as they kill off Laurie Strode,so this is the end of my Halloween Movie Reviews. Hope you enjoyed reading,and I will follow this up with classic Halloween Horror films from the golden age of Horror, the Eighties.