Sometimes your faith needs to be tested,then and only then you will seepure Evil

Deliver Us From Evil a 2014 film once again about demonic possession, and yes I watched the Trailer it looked okay,so I finally watched it today.
The strange thing is I actually enjoyed it is really great acting,especially from the two leads Eric Bana,Edgar Ramirez, a Cop,and Priest respectively. Now Ralf Sarchie,a special Responce Cop is tired, tired of the job he does,tired of the evil he sees on a daily basis. His partner even says he has a special cop radar,where he can sense something bad,and yes most of the time,simple disturbances turn out to be more sinister,and he can sense this.
When strange things starts happening in New York,unexplainable things,such as a woman who throws her Baby into the Lions pen,and then is talking gibberish,and reciting lyrics from The Doors, and a body his found in a house,that residents say strange noises are coming from the Basement. When Ralf is attacked by a man with super human strength,after a domestic disturbance call out. He becomes more enlightened,and starts hearing things,first static,then children laughing,finally by visions. This is when he finds the help of Father Mendoza, who tells the cop he has a special gift,a gift in which he can sense evil. After investigations he realises all incidents are linked to three Marines who in Irac had some kind of supernatural event,and all were released from the army on Mental Health grounds. We're  the soldiers mentally ill,or has some supernatural being taking over these men,and women.
Yes this film takes its time to get moving,but even then it is throughly watchable, but when the film is in full swing,it is genuinely creepy,with the Cop who has lost his faith in God,suddenly realising that things are happening,not by evil people,but by an actual Evil force. The Exorcisms in this film are genuinely terrifying,and the fact that this story is based on real life events and Ralf Sarchie was a real cop,with a real family,and witnessed things that no normal man should see. The fact he quit his job as a policeman to carry on work with the Church,and to work alongside Father Mendoza,says it all,when you witness evil,you can only fight evil by the Help of God. It is a surprising good film,directed brilliantly by Scott Derrikson the Director of The Exorcism Of Emily Rose, Sinister, a man who knows Horror,and with one of the scariest performances from Chris Coy and especially the British actor Sean Harris as the possessed ex veteran in a superb performance. I can thoroughly recommend this film,a truly scary,but interesting film about faith,and especially Evil.