Some cases should never be opened.


I really cannot believe that I almost missed this title completely,released in 2009 starring above Renee Zellweger,Bradley Cooper and our very own Ian McShane. Now Renee stars as a social worker, Emily Jenkins,like most social workers overworked,case files piled high,with very little reward. When a little girl's name is put on the radar Lilith Sullivan with suspected abuse, after investigating the family her suspicions are rewarded When one day a random on the spot visit,she sees Lilith's parents trying to put her into a gas oven,with the parents saying they have no choice,as she is evil. She is rescued by Emily,and her Police Friend,and Lilith goes into care,as her parents are committed to a mental hospital. In the end Emily forms a bond with Lilith who pleads with her to adopt her,so She fosters Lilith part time till suitable adopted parents come along.
That is when strange things start happening,as Lilith personality changes,drastically,to a point that Emily is a little scared of her. I won't delve any deeper into the film,all I can say it is very dark,not scary,but very unnerving. Is this girl Lilith just a little strange,or is there something not quite right with her. When Emily's friends start dying mysteriously,she actually believes that Lilith may be involved somehow,and maybe her parents wasn't mentally ill,but actually trying to stop the evil that is in Lilith. It is a very good psychological film,not so much horror, but with Renee Zellweger,for once not being type cast in a rom com such as Bridget Jones,is actually very good. The other standout performance is by Jodelle Ferland who plays Lilith so convincingly evil,a fantastic performance,that would scare any adult.
This is a very good psychological Horror,that had me hooked,and I actually enjoyed it.