Sex Tape or a very clever advert for IPads

I do apologise for adding this film to my blog,as I'm working 5 nights a week now,I'm having little time to watch as many movies,and the only movies I have watched recently with my wife is Comedy Movies. So I will review this. In all fairness yes the film is bad,not terribly bad,but bad all the same. I think Cameron Diaz only agreed to the role,to show off her fab body at 40 something. The worst thing is I don't actually mind either of these actors,I liked Jason Segel in How I Met Your Mother, Forgetting Sarah Marshal,and especially I Love You Man. The same with Miss Diaz easily her most memorable roles is in Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise, and The Last Supper back in the nineties. The problem Is they made it a R Rated comedy,trying to be a little rude,which doesn't work,and the word comedy should mean just that,but this film barely raises a laugh. Why not even make it a comedy drama,take out the word sex tape,and use the aspects of the film that does work. Being a parent is hard work,and yes you get tired with the day to day chores,jobs,and it is easy to forget about that one thing,that is always exciting at a start of a new relationship, SEX and as we get older,it becomes less of a priority,none of us mean it to happen,it just does,and this part works so well in the film,why did they have to bring it down a level to the smutty part, about making a Sex Tape to spice up their sex lives. I'm betting on paper this looked a sure fire winner,gorgeous Cameron Diaz, every day man Jason Segel,running around trying to locate IPads they had given away as gifts,only to all be linked to the same cloud storage,so the tape is there for all to see. Just make this a family Drama about a couple wanting to reconnect again,without the smut part and this might have been a very successful film.