Question if you witness a house actually eat someone,would you then want to go and investigate that house later

This is the first film made by the newly created animated studio for Sony Pictures,and also a first time for Steven Spielberg and Robert Zemeckis who had not worked together since Back To The Future PT3 15 years earlier. They are only on production duties,but The film uses the same motion capture technology used on Robert's previous film The Excellent Polar Express. And the animation  is brilliant,using this effect.
 The story is a simple one, we all have that one neighbour in the street,who hates kids,will never give any balls back,and is generally a complete grump. Well we have him Mr Nebbercracker,an old misery guts,when one of the kids looses something in his garden,and an argument occurs about wanting the item back he suffers a heart attack. It is then strange things start happening around his house,the chimney starts blowing out smoke in his absence,and random people are being apparently eaten alive by this house,when they approach it,or knock on the door. Only three young friends suspect this and they are Dustin or "DJ", Charles " Chowder" and Jenny. Who look into the history of the house,and they believe Mr NebberCracker killed his wife,and her angry spirit is controlling the house. Now once again this is quite strong topics for once again a children's film. And their suspicions are right,and the house is actually evil,and the only way to destroy the house is destroying its heart, the boiler in the house,creating the heat and smoke. As I said the final third is once again very scary as the house does not want to die,and will protect itself at any cost. Even I was surprised how scary,and unnerving the final third was. And I was 33 the first time I saw it in 2006. Another recommended film to be really mean to your younger kids and show them this film as they will Shit themselves.