Perfect manners,excellent vocabulary,and and a killer personality

It is strange when you have a film with a character,who is so insanely happy, childlike,innocent and will break into a dance at any time. Will talk to little birds in the trees,and sees lovely herds  of Deers happily running,and frolicking in the neighborhood. And then suddenly pulls out a gun and cold heartedly shoots a man dead,for being a sex pest. Yes this is the story of Miss  Meadows,a woman whose life is so perfect she will not let anything or anyone spoil her idea of perfection. And that means murder, to the Priest who is abusing one of her pupils at school,the known local pedophile,who she calmly sits down with,pours him tea,and cake,and tells him is she sees him near any children she will kill him. We find out that hundreds of offenders has been released early in this state,and yet loads or unaccounted for, we are not sure if this is due to Miss Meadows vigilance.
 The one slightly down point of the film,is when Miss Meadows starts a relationship with the local Sheriff,whose own force is investigating the local murders and possible vigilante executions,and how quickly he suspects his Girlfriend. Without any real just cause, must be a cop thing though. Apart from that small disappointment,everything else is perfect, with Katie Holmes mixing the sweet,with excessive violence so easy,to the strangest sex scene in motion picture history, as she giggles throughout,not quite knowing how to experience an adult emotion. A fantastic little indie jem,that I cannot recommend enough,the second best decision in her life, the first getting rid of that strange little man Tom Cruise,the second staring in this beauty.