Mad Max Fury Road (2015) Film Review Directed by George Miller. Distributed by Warner Bros.

This Max just doesn't work.
Now I know I'm not going to very popular with my views today. But I'm not going to like a film,that I'm being told to like by critics,just because it holds decent numbers on online sites. And has an Oscar Nomination.

I watched this last week,and I'm being honest it took two views,as the first 40 minutes just didn't grab my attention. So I left a few days and watched it to the end. Yes Mad Max Fury Road is a classic example of style over substance,it looks absolutely stunning,the cinematography is too die for,the stunt work is unbelievable,using old fashioned film making,and stunt work,not using massive amounts of CGI.

Charlize Theron is the only reason to watch this. Those are the plus points,everything else I just didn't like,or even get. Another example of a film being made just for the sake of it being made. Now George Miller is a talented director,with the first trilogy under his belt,and fantastic kids films such  as Babe, and Happy Feet. And he made this,a reboot rather than a remake,with a different Max, the disappointing Tom Hardy,who I think has done so much better,with roles such as Locke, The Drop, Bronson, Legends.

 I just think he should stay away from big budget films,as this,and Batman The Dark Knight Returns,as Bane I just hated.
It was just an overlong chase movie,with explosions,dust,very little violence,that could have actually achieved a PG13 rating. The 3D element just does not work,and to think it cost me an extra £ 5.00 more,when all the critics were saying it is a must watch in 3D. Don't bother get the normal Bluray or DVD instead. Or even better,just don't bother with this,get yourself a copy of Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior,and watch instead, which is far more superior,done better 30 years ago,with the one and only Max and that is Mel Gibson.

A disappointing Huge Budget fair,that I have had many arguments over,as I just do not get it,or like it,so this is purely my opinion I can only give it 2/5⭐️⭐️