A film when announced was being made about the star of one of the most successful Porn movies ever made,must have made the day of dirty old men everywhere.the problem is it is not about the film Deep Throat,and the actress Linda Lovelace, but the abuse she suffered,and was cohearsed into the industry by a oppressive partner. Linda was a shy naive girl when she meets Chuck Traynor and this film cleverly shows both sides of the story the one where Linda is happy with Chuck and is happy to go along with his ideas. And the truthful side where she is abused,by his violent nature,and forced into the industry mainly against her will. It is a very interesting film,and an uneasy watch,and the pornography side of the film is tastefully done. But the abuse side of the film is a very hard watch. Linda in real life even went on a crusade to talk about her experiences in this industry,and became a campaigner against porn,and violence in general. Amanda Seyfried is Brilliant in this ,and is gorgeous,with a girlish naivety,that she fell for the wrong man,and the abuse she suffered at the hands of this Man. The worst part of all this,that it explains at the end of the film the Deep Throat phenomenon made over $600,000,000 and yet all she was paid for her role,and the abuse she suffered was just over a $ 1,000 plus dollars. An interesting film to watch,and an insight into an industry where women were so abused,for the pleasure of us men.