I See dead people so what.

A quick question what do you get if cross The Sixth Sense with Blaire Witch and finally add any Zombie film. You get the wonderful ParaNorman another excellent film from Laika studios,the same studios who presented us with the fabulous Coraline and the most Recent Box Trolls. Norman is like any other boy,just a few close friends.but with one difference he sees Ghosts wherever he goes. His recently deceased Gran still lives in the house with them,happily,sitting and still knitting. Norman's family just thinks it is a pre pubescent fad  he is going through.
With a little town,comes history and this towns history is based around the judgement,of a local Girl being a Witch,being put to death,by the Pilgrim Father's. Where on her death the girl puts a curse on the town saying she will return. A ritual has to be done every year to stop her return,and Norman has been chosen,to read from this sacred book,before sunrise,when he gets it wrong,thanks to the intervention of the local Bully, Zombies start rising from the Graves to terrorize the town,with a horrible freakish mist descending on the town. The whole towns safety depends on Norman's ability to talk with the dead.
I will admit this film was not as dark as Coraline,and not quite as sinister,but nevertheless still has its scary moments. With the showdown with the Witch,very scary indeed, and I can imagine most parents regretting the decision to take there younger children seeing this film,as even I thought was a little too much for a children's film. But with the humour Being just about right,mixing with the odd Horror,the scary scenes do not seem so bad especially the battles with Zombies,being very humorous. A very good film,very watchable, now I did not think the 3D aspect of the film was as good as Coraline,and didn't get the same type of depth,and I'm not even sure if was filmed in 3D or if it was added post production,but that was a little disappointing,but the film is still a great film,but In normal 2D is a better.