Either it was a genuine threat,or the most elaborate publicity stunt ever.

So much has been said about this film,with probably the most amount of scandal alongside it,and it generally makes you think,what were the producers and writers Seth Rogan actually thinking,by using a genuine leader in Kim Jong-Un,and North Korea,why not use a made up Dictator,and made up country. The reason why they didn't,they set out deliberately to offend,to be controversial,which in the end very nearly backfired on the whole of Sony pictures,was it really worth the risk? Well not not really,we have a very unfunny comedy,which due to the scandal put bums on seats,and sold a shed load of DVDs,and Blurays.
Plus points Seth Rogen is not annoying in this,and is very subdued, I liked James Franco In this also,and he is actually a good actor,when given a decent role or script,which this film wasn't. Some parts actually worked, the fight scene in the production room with Rogan and a loyal Korean,who bites off two of his fingers in the fight. The actual violence in this was so over the top,but strangely enjoyable. The Korean eating a strip of Risin thinking it is chewing gum,and spectacularly dying shooting a guard in the process.
Bad points, just about everything else,the typical we are Americans and we are gonna save the world doesn't work with me. It is not a funny film,with only a few scenes that actually work. If your going to be brave enough to make a parody film,make it at least funny like Team America. I think even with different Comedy actors this film would not have worked,and after all the scandal,will be long forgotten.