A very well written film about friendship tested.

Another film that was so well written by the same writer as Juno but so misjudged,starring Megan Fox,and Amanda Seyfried two friends one Anita and Jennifer the cool girl. Two miss matched friends,but Isn't that always the way. When the girls sneak into a bar with fake ID's to watch an up and coming band. Turns out the band is so desperate for fame they make a deal with the Devil,in exchange for a virgin sacrifice.When stupidly Jennifer gets into the Bands van after the show,they take here to an excluded spot,and kill her. The problem is Jennifer is not a Virgin and her sacrificial offering is refused,and her body is taken over by a Demon. That is the film, that Jennifer is struggling with her possession,and needs blood to survive,where does she get it from. The blood of horny teenage boys,who want to hump  her. When she feeds she is a gorgeous,sexy,confident girl,when she goes days without feeding she looks like an addict. All the while she is possessed she does not turn on her friend Anita. But Anita struggles with the idea that she may have to kill her very good friend,to rid her of this demon. The film is very sharply written by Diablo Cody,and the performance from especially Amanda Seyfried as the timid Anita,who eventually has to step up to the Mark and do something to stop Jennifer's eating spree. Also starring J.K Simmons as the High school Principal,in another strange,but wonderful role again. The main credit has to go to Megan Fox,who is not only stunningly beautiful,but plays the role of Jennifer perfectly,confident and extremely sexy as a female predator,but also a scared vulnerable girl,as her conscious gets to her after she has killed. A very good,dark comedy,well written,well acted,and is so much more than about The gorgeous Megan,but a film about friendship tested,moral consciousness,and the genuine love between friends.