Another Great film with great Female leads once more

The question on everybody's lips was,how could the excellent Neil Marshall recreate his genius that was Dog Soliders, the superb Werewolf film set in Scotland, as the second film,or even dreaded second Album is always difficult for any artists to recreate.Well Neil didn't just do that,he bettered it with this fantastic claustrophobic film about Pot Hole, and thrill seeking adventures between Girl Friends,for a bonding,and also healing trip for one of the girls,suffering a recent tragedy. What could possibly go wrong. Well actually quite a lot,well we had Werewolves in his first movie,well this beauty the Girls endure cave dwelling, mutant cannibalistic caveman,who have evolved into living and seeing in the dark. Living underground in caves, who target the girls,purely for one reason, food. So as they get deeper into the crevices,and never ending caves,they are being watched,hunted,and brutally killed by these Inhuman beings. As I said the film  is very violent much more so than Dog Soldiers,and the bigger budget is onscreen for all to see,with fantastic gore effects,and brilliant makeup effects on the cave dwellers. It is so well directed and stars some of the ballsiest ladies onscreen for sometime especially from  these three actresses Shauna Mccdonald,Natalie Mendoza,and Alex Reid,a modern classic,ruined by a poor sequel,but nevertheless this film is still one of the best in the last 10 years,and a horror that is actually Horrifying. A must watch and recommended film.