A very touching heartwarming take on the slasher film Genre

Although not technically a horror film,the whole premise is. Imagine if your Mother was a famous scream queen,from a dodgy 1980's slasher movie. Camp Bloodbath was that movie,and she had been a struggling actress since,being typecast all her professional working life. You love that woman with all your heart,as she is still your Mum,imagine then having her cruelly taken away from you in a car accident,when your only a young teenager,your life will be devastating. Especially if you are always reminded of her through that film. Well it is the 20 th anniversary of that film,and a Cinema owner wants to show the film,and knowing Max is the real life Daughter of  shy girl Nancy in the film,he manages to get her to the film,even though that day is also the third anniversary of her Mums death. Anyway a fire breaks out in the cinema,and the 5 friends escape by cutting into the cinema screen,only to actually wake up in Camp Bloodbath the movie. The problem is although the friends know it is a movie,the other actors including Max's Mum Nancy are unaware,and think it is real  life. The trouble is Billy Murphy is still a serial killer,and because they are in the film,it is very real,and Billy's kills are real also,if you die in this movie you really die. The problem is Max seeing her younger Mum,brings back memories,and an urge to protect her from dying once  again,at the hands,or Machete of Billy. Although this film is not terribly violent,it is not even that bloody,the kills are still inventive,what we have left is a film with genuine heart,about the loss of a parent,and the chance to maybe save her from her fate again. Even if that means you may have to be the final girl,to defeat Billy. With typical cliches from borrowed from just about every slasher film. With the film world having an almost surreal feel to it,with perfect colours,vegetation,and flowers are perfect. It has absolutely fantastic cinematography,and is edited,and Directed,so confidently by Todd Strauss-Schulson,who previously directed the very cool,but stupid A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas.With really heartwarming performances from Taissa Farmiga,as Max,and Malin Akerman who plays her mum,and also the fictional Nancy in the film. It really is an incredibly watchable film,not as funny,or gory,as the Trailer suggests,still a very clever film,and take on the slasher genre. With probably the best scene in it, near the end when being chased by Billy,they all go into slow motion mode,with a slow motion running Billy on fire,is an incredible special effect. A very well made film with genuine heart, it is quite a touching film,more about loss,that cleverly manages to add a slasher element to it.