A very sinister tale to be careful what you wish for.

What do you get if you employ  the director of The Nightmare Before  Christmas, and James And The Giant Peach,Henry Selleck. You get Coraline. The first of many films from the new animated studio Laika  who specializes in the old fashioned type of film making,stop motion animation. A simple story of a lonely girl who is constantly ignored by her very busy,work oriented parents. Who one day finds a secret door behind some wallpaper, which she crawls through,and wakes in a different dimension where she has the same parents,but buttons for eyes. But these parents her other Mother and Father are so much cooler,have time for her. Sit down as a family for meal times. She enjoys it so much she has trouble leaving. She wakes the next day in her own bed,and thinks it was a dream. But the door opens again for her,and she ventures inside the other world,meeting all the residents and neighbors. The other world is colourful,magical,and with pressure from her other Mother to stay, when Coraline  refuses,her other Mother gets slightly a little evil,and wants to remove her eyes,replace them with buttons,and have her stop with her forever. As the eyes are the secret to your soul,and by keeping her eyes,she keeps her soul. This is where the film gets very sinister,and is actually quite scary,and to think this film is marketed as a children's film. Well I have an eleven year old and she will not watch it as it freaks her out,and scares her so much. So if it scares children and even adults alike,who is the target audience. Really in the end it doesn't matter as the film is a brilliantly made gothic style horror,brilliant effects,especially in 3D as it is one of the better titles you can watch in 3D and gives the other world a whole new dimension. A must watch,a very clever,very dark,quite scary film, about to be careful what you wish for as it might come true. And sometimes your parents might be uncool and might  not have very much time for you,but they are still your parents and they still do love you.