A very good yet very effective Ghost Story.

What happens if two children become lost,witness the disappearance of their Father. And get raised by a supernatural being,who they refer to as Mama. That is the premise of this very good Horror.
The Children are found eventually,in an abandoned cabin, almost feral like,who no longer walk,but crawl,and jump everywhere. The authorities give the Children Custody to the Uncle,where they struggle to fit back into normal life. Also they may have brought back the same being,who had raised them for years. That is the story a simple one,and actually very different from other Horrors,that involves a  supernatural being terrorizing a family,as she wants the children back,she sees them as her children.
The Film is presented by Guillermo Del Toro  the fantastic Director of the Orphanage,and the fabulous Pans Labyrinth. It is very dark,very creepy,not violent,just a good old fashioned Ghost story. That happens to star the gorgeous,and very talented Jessica Chastain. I really enjoyed this film,it just seemed so different to any other Horrors out on the market at the moment. A film that doesn't rely on silly jump scares,just old fashioned,simple creepiness,shadows,bumps in the night. That the recent Babadook also did so well.