A strange mess of a film in the franchise. known for studio interference, script changes ,and even fan made cuts of the film.

This film was to be the final installment of the recent insurgent of films in this franchise,made in 1995,with rumored studio interference. Numerous cuts were made of this film with apparently over 43 minutes of missing footage. Which fans managed to get hold of,making copies known as the producers cut. It still didn't stop this film from being a mess though. With idiotic ideas about a cult,and devil worshipers,and try's  to explain that Michael was once born into this cult,and then trys to explain his indestructible body,and the reason he kills.And the Man in Black from the previous film helping him is the leader of this druid type cult called Thorn. With references to the two first films, even having a grown up boy that Laurie Strode was babysitting in the first film,to be the recent loose end Michael wants to Finnish, starring a very young Paul Rudd. The film was even turned down by Danielle Harris who starred in the previous two,the producers said it was because of a contractual decision,but according to Danielle it was because the film and script was a mess,and not very good. Either way she,or her character isn't in this very long,with another actress playing Jamie. This was a strange mess of a film,with numerous script writers being involved. The director said he wanted to explain how Michael was almost immortal,and to bring in the devil worshipping cult to explain this,with references to the first film he wanted to go almost full circle. Which in my opinion did not work. And we had to wait another 3 more years till the franchise was rebooted again with Halloween H20.