A film that will make you heart 'hurt'

My last Biopic of the day and this has to be another of My favorites, yes the original Man In Black Mr Johnny Cash. Once again yes I knew who he was,and heard some of his songs,especially his later ones for the MTV generation, the cover songs by Depech Mode Personal Jesus, Hurt by Nine Inch Nails,and the fact he recorded these songs in the final weeks of his life and they were brilliant. Anyway the life of Mr Cash was not an easy one losing his brother to an accident at an early age,with his Dad always blaming him for the accident. Hence to say a strained relationship. With time in the Army,he learnt to play Guitar and write songs. It was only when he left the Army,he formed a band and created his famous, rockabilly type sound,which he remained famous for all this life. Yes Johnny was always a rebel,and liked to push boundaries,push people. But the whole time he just wanted to be loved. The fact he loved the love of his life fellow country singerJune Carter all his working life,with her being on stage with him,with his own TV show. And on tour with him,but no matter how many times he told her he loved her,and wanted to marry her she refused him,breaking his heart. Yes he was wild,arrested for drug smuggling,he was an Alcoholic, and was the first man to play inside a Prison to known dangerous convicts,lifers,and to record a live Album whilst playing behind bars was a first,but Live At Folsom Prison was a world wide smash record. The whole time,an angry man was waiting to be tamed by the love of a Good Woman. Yes after years of asking ,June became his wife,and they were Happily Married to each other to the end. The fact they both died within months of each other meant they were soulmates,and even in death had to be together. Yes this film is a love story,but one without sloppy sentiment,but a genuine love between two artists who dearly loved each other,through music and through life. Directed by James Mangold,and a career best by Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash,and like Val Kilmer in my previous review,actually performed All  the songs on the soundtrack himself,in which his voice is uncannily similar to Mr Cash. Another plus is Reece Witherspoon,In the Oscar winning performance as June Carter. A perfect film with perfect songs,and probably the sweetest romance on screen,between two soulmates.