A film that has been so wrongly hated over the years. A very brave film to make , about commercialism and the power it holds

The first and only film of the franchise to not feature Michael Myers,released In 1982 a year after number two. A film that once again John Carpenter did not direct,he did produce,and even co-wrote though. At the time John Carpenter actually felt that an anthology of films could be released under the Halloween banner. With a different story each time,but with the critics,and fans stamping their disgust,that idea never came about,and Michael returned in 1988 in Halloween 4. The thing is I really liked this film,I thought the whole sinister nature of the film worked. With a corporation selling masks,that are linked to witchcraft,and using subliminal TV adverts and shows,to activate the masks to kill,was a very clever idea. The fact is we all know that Halloween is mainly aimed at kids,and they would be the ones primarily wearing these masks, is what upset a lot of people. The thing is with most films being slated,time is a great healer,with the years,more fans have come to like it. It is regarded as quite a cult film now. So it should,a very clever film,that probably had the film makers squirming,as the whole message is about commercialism,and corporations having to much power over the average consumer. With a great cast once more with Tom Adkins, Stacey Nelkin, and Dan O'Herlihy of Robocop fame,as the head of the evil Corporation Silver Shamrock Novelties. I liked this film from the first time I saw it, it was very brave to try something new,yes it never paid off, but I would rather see this,that the ridiculous sequels that came later,that just ruined the whole idea of Halloween,and spoilt the effectiveness of Michael Myers in the first two films. Directed by Tommy Lee Wallace, you should be proud of this film,it was different,has some great ideas,still scary,and showed how much power corporations had over the normal person.