A fantastic debut film,about antique firearms,dildo's and cockney wideboys

Another British gangland classic from 1998,a debut film to beat all debuts that gave us Jason Statham, Guy Ritchie and unfortunately Vinnie Jones to the acting world,which in fairness was a decent performance as Big Chris. Starring Jason Flemyng, Dexter Fletcher,Nick Moran,and Jason Statham. A story of four chancers,who want to win big readies at a high stake back alley card game. Against a local kingpin Hatchet Harry,trouble is Harry cheats a little,leaving the lads owing him £500,000 with only a week to pay him back,or face the consequences. Thing is Harry is not the type of guy you want on your back,with him once killing a man with a 9"dildo. A brilliant film,that is multi layered,with multiple stories going on at the same time that so brilliantly interweaving into one story. Which Guy Ritchie was a master at,during his early films,then went crap,with his producing partner Matthew Vaughn proving to be the better director of the two. Anyway this is still without doubt Guy Ritchie's best work,and best writing,with dodgy dealings,double crossings,antique firearms,and Vinnie Jones kicking the living crap out of everybody. A brilliantly interweaving violent,funny film that was unique at the time,and a fantastic film debut.