A deeply unsettling film about mass possession.

A very interesting little indie horror from a director named Roze. A story about a pre-teen going missing in a small religious town. To a single Mum,who is already frowned apon as she has a child out of wedlock and being a teenage Mum herself,with a reputation for sleeping freely with Men. She is almost judged,and ridiculed by the Police and community,saying she was lost due to bad parenting,and treat it as a teen running away. When the following evening every child goes missing the towns folk, take her pleads for help more seriously. After search Parties come to nothing,a miracle happens,all the children return,carrying Joey the Woman's child,with excessive blood loss for her mouth,as her tongue has been removed to stop her talking. It soon becomes apparent that the children are not well, becoming ill first, they then start attacking their parents,and adults. It is kinda like Children of The Dammed meets Rec, meets any Zombie film. Now Anna refuses to let her daughter Joey being taken over by this Demon,and will do anything to rid her of it. Whilst the rest of the towns folk are executing their possessed children. What we have left is a very unnerving horror,and very uneasy watching experience,of child possession. The actress who plays Joey is terrifying, and the fact that her and every child is now evil,it is a truly unsettling film to watch. It is a short film at only 72 Minutes long,and a slow start,but it is a very good debut,using darkness,great camera work and cinematography,to create a very scary film. Yes it is very low budget,but it does the job,and is a very decent film about child possession,that is truly terrifying.