A Day in the life of the Greatest band in the whole world

A film that shows a group at the height of fame,smack bang in the middle of Beatle mania. Directed by Richard Lester,and shows a fictional day in a life of the Beatles. John,Paul,George,and Ringo. Filmed in 1964 and also starting Wilfred Brambell as Paul's Grandad, who is more famous for playing Albert Steptoe, in Steptoe And Son.
Anyway the band are traveling down to London,for an appearance on a TV show,when they are mobbed by hundreds of fans,they have to run for it to catch the train,and avoid a stampeed of fans. They get to London,only to get in scrapes because of Paul's Grandad,who cannot stay out of trouble. And with Ringo who goes missing,as he his told by Paul's Grandad he is a little boring and should get out more. And somehow manages to get himself arrested. Will the Fab Four ever get to play their Song on air,or will the whole London thing be a disaster.
All I can say about this film is how sweet and innocent it is, so very British, and shows the lads as really likable,and funny young guys. A must own if you are a Beatles fan,but still an enjoyable watch if you are not. With songs throughout from the Fab Four,and the fact they wrote and recorded these songs in just a few days,shows what a talented bunch of guys they were. As I said a must own DVD or Bluray,with great extras and a fantastic remaster of a film that is 50 years old now. A classic,and is actually in the top 100 of British Films made.