Without doubt the best and only Werewolf movie,that no matter how many times you watch ,gets better with every viewing. An American Werewolf In London- Film Review

The Original and only Poltergeist

The best Halloween film in almost 20 years,a direct sequel from number 2 Halloween H20-Film Review

A strange mess of a film in the franchise. known for studio interference, script changes ,and even fan made cuts of the film.

A rushed sequel that shows,with no new ideas,so we just have Michael kill more.

A return to form for the franchise after an eight year hiatus.

A film that has been so wrongly hated over the years. A very brave film to make , about commercialism and the power it holds

The night he came home once more.

A Spooky week of Spooky,scary Horror classics

A fantastic debut film,about antique firearms,dildo's and cockney wideboys

'71 a brutal survival film in Northern Ireland.

Probably the only thing I liked about this film was The Ramones Pet Sematary at the end of the film. The rest is the most unsettling film you will ever see.

A very touching heartwarming take on the slasher film Genre

976 EVIL a direct line to Hell itself

A very Gross but very funny Alien parasite,Zombie type movie,with a great nod to 80's cinema.

Just why do these Guys keep killing themselves.

Killer Clowns From Outer Space 1988. Distribution by Arrow Films. Directed by

One thing I hate more than Clowns, Zombie Clowns

A very different, and very depressingly take on the usual Zombie genre

Child Of God (2013) Film Review.RabitBandini Productions,Made in-land. Directed by James Franco. Distributed by Spotlight Pictures. Rated R, certificate 18 UK, running time 104 minutes.

Ummm another disappointment

A brilliant,if not very bleak look at the future.

The Running Man,a great story about the controlling media,and the lies they tell.

Beware The Army Of The 12 Monkeys

VHS 2 Safe Haven segment directed by Gareth Evans

Apocalyptic weekend coming tomorrow