welcome aboard the Pork Chop. Express

One of Sir John Carpenters finest from 1986. Yes he was famous for Horror but he made some decent comedy films. And no better than this film with an on form Kurt Russell,who was as comfortable doing comedy,as well as serious roles,and horror. A simple story of a trucker Jack Burton  in the wrong place at the wrong time In the middle of China Town. When he witness's a kidnap of a young Chinese Girl, he has to do something about it. Throwing him into an adventure, fighting Chinese Gods, A man Lo Pan  who needs the blood of a young green eyed Chinese Girl to be Mortal forever. And that is the story, but it is the most fun you can have in 90 plus minutes. Kurt Russell is brilliantly funny,and has some of the most quotable scenes.  A very young Kim Cattrel stars alongside him also. A very action packed,funny film,set in China Town,with Gods, Demons you name it to fight underground,and some fantastic Martial Arts on display also. Another great cult classic.