Warriors come out to play

One of the better films directed by Walter Hill, this Gem about 1970's Gang Culture. In New York,when the city in some parts was no go areas for normal folks. Before the late Nineties,early 2000's When the New York Mayor cleaned up New York,with the fix every broken window policy,and a Cop on every street corner. Which saw violent crime figures drop dramatically. Anyway back to this 1979 film,which was was again considered a flop,because of violence around the film,and cinema chains opting out of not showing it. Starring practically unknown actors at the time. The Warriors are framed for murdering a rival gang leader,at a peace rally for all New York Gangs. All they have to do is get back to their own turf, survive the night, as a hit is put on them ,with a massive reward,to any rival gang who can kill the Warriors. Yes the film is cheesy now,and is very Dated,but still an enjoyable film about survival In a Huge City. But please I warn you do not,and repeat do not get the 2005 Directors cut,as Walter Hill has ruined it,by making it look like a comic strip, and copying Sin City at the time, trouble is the original is so hard to come by now,but if you get a copy watch it as it is really good. Another Cult film, starring James Remar who is most famous now as playing Dexter' s Dad, and a recurring role in Sex And The City as Samantha' s Boyfriend. Time has once again been very kind to this film,and so it should, a classic piece of 70's Cinema.