Event Horizon (1997) Film Review.Directed by Paul W.S Anderson. Distributed by Paramount Pictures

I watched this film when released in 1997 and I thought the film was a brilliant piece of psychological horror I had ever seen. Starring a fantastic ensemble cast with Sam Neil and Lawrence Fishburne.

In a film that was one of the darkest and distressing films I have seen in 20 plus years. It has been criticised by almost every critic saying it was badly directed. I disagree on every occasion,and I know that it is not only me that thinks this way,many online forums has fans who love this film as much as I do.

 A film that explores our deepest fears,and biggest regrets in life,turns in on its head and uses it against you. When a rescue crew is sent in to space to recover a missing ship been missing for years, The Event Horizon, after a distress signal is received The Louis And Clarke rescue ship is lanched. With the designer and inventor of The Event Horizon on board as he knows his ship more than anyone else.

When the crew dock with The Event Horizon, no crew are found alive. Only body parts. When they uncover the back box recorder,they find the captain covered in blood saying in Latin "save us from Hell"
This is where the film becomes creepy and they discover the ship is actually alive and is reacting with ever crew member. And the ship was designed to pass through space by creating a wormhole. And this Wormhole has passed through a dimension that is not of this earth,and possibly it has gone to Hell.

This film had so much studio interference at the time,I have the DVD infinite edition with the director talking about how he had to battle to get certain scenes in. And battles with the Censors at the time. A proper Directors cut has never been available,as most of the original film stock had been destroyed or gone missing. Shame apparently this film is even more darker,and more violent,but we will never get to see that version, and Paul W. S Anderson has been so wrongly ridiculed on this film. A film so good,but has been treated so unfairly. It is without doubt his best ever film,and yet he is still criticised for it
It is criminal really.