The final part of British week

Probably the strangest Trilogies ever, one that each third is a completely different film, but all starring Simon Pegg, and his long time comedy partner Nick Frost. Why the cornetto trilogy, easy as Nick Frost in every film is seen eating a Cornetto, and to non English people,it is a very famous ice cream in the UK. The first and best has to be Shaun Of The Dead, the funniest,and yet violent Zombie movie ever made. Yes America tried it with Warm Bodies, and Zombieland,but they never ever came close. A story of everyday Pals who happen to be caught up in a Zombie Apocalypse, and their only Concern is Shawn's Mum,Dad and his girlfriend,and get to the only safe place they know,the local pub The Winchester. The second in the Trilogy is a homage to all American action films,and a piss take on Michael Bay style of filmmaking Hot Fuzz a story of a successful Police Constable,who is so good at his job he is making the officers look bad in his department, so he is given a promotion,to Chief Constable in a lovely Rural Countryside town. Where nothing happens, apart from the odd gruesome accident. Yes this film is probably more gruesome than Shawn of the Dead earning an 18 certificate on special Editions of this film. The final part of the Trilogy is a sci-if based film about, an Alien takeover of yet another small UK town,with humanoid robots copying the locals,to create the perfect race. When a group of friends come back to town to recreate their youth by trying to finish off the pub craw they did when they were 18. Now being older and some a little boring, it takes Pegg's character to realise something isn't right. And they have to fight for their lives against humanoid robots. And to Finnish off the film and to bring the Trilogy full circle they fight it out again once more in a very British pub, The Worlds End. Although the final film was seen by critics as being the weaker film of all three, and yes I can agree in sorts, it is still enjoyable. All three written and Directed by the Genius of Edgar Wright,and Simon Pegg,they were all very successful, but a lot of the humour was wasted if you lived outside the UK as the humour was very British. I loved all three,but Shawn Of The Dead will always be my favourite, and made my top 10 of all Zombie films ever made. Yet all three are so watchable and is very,very British, and bloody proud to be so.