A Bank Heist that certainly does not go to plan

The debut film from Roger Avery, the producer  and co-writer of Reservoir Dogs,and Pulp fiction, comes this American/French film, starring,Jean Hughes Anglade, Julie Delpy,and finally 80's hearthrob Eric Stoltz. We have an American safe cracker,come to Paris to help with a raid on a Bank,get in ,get out,no questions asked. Should be easy apart from Eric the gang leader who is a bit of a loose cannon who will shoot you or torture you first,before he asks questions. Yes this is a very violent film,about a Bank  raid that goes horribly wrong, with bloodshed from both the Robbers,and the armed Police who raid the bank. That is the film really,no sub plots no twists just a very violent film. I reviewing this as it has been recently released on Bluray for the first time.And I forgot what a great film it is. As I said before it is really well acted,but all the credit has to go to Jean Hughes Anglade as Eric, a borderline psychotic human being,who doesn't care if he lives or dies,as he has HIV anyway. Zed played by Eric Stoltz is ok,but I do think any actor could have played that role,and Julie Delpy is just stunning. All in all a great Heist film,with no winners, only losers,and the biggest message ever, crime certainly does not pay.