The Babadook the scariest film in decades.

If it is in a word or in a book you can't get rid of the Babadook. A lesson in how to scare the hell out of you without the need for jump scares. Just plain old fashioned filmmaking,using shadows,bumps in the night,to make you feel unease. This is  Jennifer Kent's debut and oh my goodness what a debut at that. By using the one thing as children we are scared off, The Boogeyman, that appears from a scary child's book. The greatest trick of the film,as the lead actress is suffering,from sleep deprivation,and is severely depressed. We are never sure wether the Babadook ,is real all is just a fragment of her broken mind. The fact her son sees it too,asks the questions can you pass paranoia on to other people,or is the Monster The Babadook real.
 A real dark,gothic piece of filmmaking that every critic was right to say is a frighteningly scary. A must watch,it is kinda like Tim Burton has merged with David Lynch to create one of the darkest depressive films in a long time. The Actors in this are superb also with Essie Davies as title character Amelia with her son Samuel played by the equally brilliant youngster Noah Wiseman.A must watch  I did an online review of this film and it is on my Blog from early July,so feel free to find it and give it a watch.